Meet the Designer - Ali Nelson

Our neighborhood pillows were designed by an amazing artist and friend of ours, Ali Nelson. She’s well-known on social media as @alimakesthings. Her work has been featured on greeting cards, magazines, plenty of walls, and she even worked on a project for the Pope.

You’ll never know exactly where in the world Ali is—she jumps from continent to continent often. She’s got a thing for good Mexican, Sephora, and is constantly making gifs of inanimate objects. Our favorite thing about Ali is that she is fully human and shares that with the world.

We collaborated with Ali because of her mission to spread messages of hope, while being real about how messy, awkward, and hard life can be. She is vulnerable and challenges her followers with topics like social justice, mental health, grief, boundaries, relationships, and everything in between.

Ali lived in Atlanta for 3 years and called Cabbagetown home. She used her experience of adventuring around the different neighborhoods to draw inspiration for each design. While each pillow has a different feel, we hope that you find each neighborhood represented with their distinct “personality.”

These are perfect gifts for this holiday season. Don’t see your neighborhood? Contact us and we’ll fix that! :)

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